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        Welcome to Ningbo Beilun Longsheng Hardware Co., Ltd!



        Specializing in the production of various types of high-strength fasteners, the annual production capacity of 6,000 tons, the production value of more than 80 million, GB products GB, ISO international standards, DIN German standard, AS Australian standard, ANSI (IFI) Standard.
        The main products are T-bolts, foot nails and all kinds of embedded parts, B7 screws, bolts, wood screws, U-bolts, hexagonal bolts and large size, ultra-long, special-shaped pieces of special materials such as color fasteners.

        • Excellent quality
        • Good service
        • Strong technology
        • The price is real
        • Good reputation

        +MoreAbout Us

        Ningbo Beilun Longsheng Hardware Co.,Ltd.is an industrial and trading enterprise,established in 2001.Our company is located in Beilun Ningbo,Zhejiang province.We have strong financial strength,productionand business ability.Our company is a powerful enterprise in this field. Our company main operates varied kinds of high-strength fasteners.The products meet the standards as ASTM,ANSI (lFl),ISO international  standards,DIN,AS,BS,the national standard GB,etc.Main products...


        High-strength fasteners should not be developed i...

        Although China's fastener production accounts for a quarter of global production, but most of the low-strength, low-grade products, fasteners as the main mechanical products industry, the development of machinery industry, but also on the fastener product



        8:00 - 18:00

        點(diǎn)擊這里給我發(fā)消息 438803596